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Semi-Automatic Migration from Legacy Tech

Semi-Automatic Migration from Legacy Tech

Is your technical debt stopping you from using modern adequate tech? We can help!

Building your business’ tech using a ready solution (e.g. a CMS in node.js, e-commerce system in PHP) is an amazing way to test your idea.

As your business grows though, so do the requirements for your tech (e.g. serve 10000 users instead of 10), and the solution which once got you that far is now a burden chaining you down. To move forward, you are looking at a bill of a double-digit thousands at the least. Things don’t have to be this bad though.

We have been building software since what is now considered legacy was the state of the art, we executed numerous successful migrations to cloud-ready performant tech, and more importantly, we built smart program analyzers which ensure the migration process is correct and fast.

If you are stuck with an old technology (e.g. Drupal 7, Magento) and dream of upgrading to the latest version or change to a better technology (e.g. Golang, NoSQL, containerized deployment), Drop us a line , we re happy to help.