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Source by Source: merit-based tech job matching!

Source by Source

Technical job matching service based on source code analysis.

Our algorithms analyze thousands of public code repositories to match raising talents with suitable jobs.

We make life easier for employers/recruiters as well as developers!

Source by Source for Employers & Recruiters

  • We scan a pool of thousands of rising talents to find you suitable prospects.
  • Our matching algorithm ensures the nominated candidates are proficient in the technologies you need.
  • We parse and extract technologies automatically from job description.
  • Our metrics are objective and laser-focused on measuring how good a prospect is in the technology.
  • Pay only for qualified developers who show interest for your project.
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Source by Source for developers

  • We understand technology, so we know your strengths and where you shine (based on the code your write in public).
  • We understand technology, so we will never approach you with a Java project when your strength is Javascript (or the other way).
  • We appreciate your time, for every project we send you and you take the time to respond, you earn a compensation.
  • We appreciate your privacy, we never flood you with emails and you can opt out at any time.
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