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CDOMA.TECH empowers businesses all over the globe to operate better and faster. Our mission is to enable businesses of all sizes to take full benefit of computing and automation.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

Why leave your employees', payroll and appraisal data scattered in excel sheets when you can have our Human Resources Management System (HRMS) manage them for you? With HRMS you enjoy these benefits:

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Travel Technology

People do not travel just for the sake of travel, rather to pursue one or more interests/hobbies. Why then start planning trips by choosing geographical regions when what you are really after are hobbies? We rethought the trip planning process and created Travición, the app which will recommend places for you based on your wants.

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There are plenty of excellent resources on the internet to learn most world languages, not the case with Arabic though! Being an Egyptian software house, we did our part to fill the gap and created ArEg, the online Arabic and Egyptian school with easy courses and creative multimodal techniques to make learning the language as enjoyable as it goes.

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Do you need something more customized to your needs? You are welcome to join our happy customers from all around the world. This is a sample of the projects we worked on. Each project examplifies one of the domains we used: full-stack development, extending desktop development and engineering an office automation system.

lessonface logo
Fullstack Drupal

We backed the first release of


Lessonface is a platform for music online lessons. We used a content management system called Drupal to build the website and developed an algorithm to match teachers' and students' based on time preferences.

seznam logo
Node-Webkit, C++

We extended nw.js to notify of multimedia playback events.


We worked with to extend Node-Webkit to notify the front-end when there is a sound playing in any opened tab; including sound from Flash Player/Silverlight and other plugins. .

westmead logo
Desktop, Python

We built an office automation system for Westmead Pharmacy.

Westmead PharmacyX

Daily business operation in Westmead Pharmacy involves shipping and tracking large number of packages. We built an automation system which generates high-definition post labels and tracks shipments.

lmms logo
Open Source C++

We added a long-required feature to the popular multimedia program LMMS.

MIDI Export FeatureX

Contributing back to the open-source community, we added a new feature to the Linux Multimedia System. The feature enables the program to export composed songs in the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) format.


CDOMA.TECH is committed to one thing: adding value to our client's business. We will accept your project only if we see our services will benefit your business enormously. Let's discuss how we can work together!

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