At Codoma.tech, we use technology as the way to make your business more efficient – delivering better and faster results through a higher performance output that requires a smaller effort. Our efficiency-boosting technology can help ensure that your business has a thriving present and a very promising future – see below how we can do it.


HR App

Because doing HR doesn't have to be a recurring pain
Managing your business’s human resources is usually a time-consuming necessity. Outsourcing it is more expensive and complex than it seems, but leaving it as it is, working through old-fashioned excel sheets, takes way too much time. That’s why our fully automated Human Resources Management System (HRMS) can conveniently store and swiftly process your employees’ payroll and appraisal data, offering the following functionalities:
  • Central database of employees information and organization structure
  • Strict access rules according to the firm's hierarchy
  • Payroll generation
  • Full management of leave request and appraisal cycle
  • Available 24/7 from computers and mobile devices
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Where technology helps to shape your travels according to your interests
We realize that what makes you travel is the set of specific experiences related to your hobbies and interests that you want to enjoy wherever you go. That’s why we created Travición, the app that helps you plan and enjoy your travels according to your interests. Forget about classic geographic-location-based recommended trips – with Travición, we help you to see what you really want to see, and skip any standard recommendation that doesn’t fit into your preferences.
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ArEg Learning App

Where easy e-learning makes a bridge between Arabic and English languages
Learning Arabic is as beautiful as it is challenging – where can you find the easily available online resources that learning Spanish or French have to offer, for example? Well, since we know that more than 400 million people in the world speak Arabic, and being an Egyptian software house, we decided it was time to make learning Arabic as easy and accessible as it should be. We created ArEg, an e-learning program that allows you to learn Arabic in a creative and naturally flowing way that always fits into your schedule. Finally, learning Arabic is as easy as learning any popular language!
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We live in a world where specialization is only getting more important. That’s why, every day, we help our clients from around the world to have an even more unique and competitive value proposition – by understanding the needs of their businesses and providing tailored special solutions that turn their special needs into extraordinary achievements. Meet the following examples of tailored tech solutions that we developed for different clients from various countries around the globe.
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