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AICI: AI-Powered Customer Insights

AICI: AI-Powered Customer Insights

Accessible modules and extensions to bring the power of AI to you, right in your CMS dashboard.

What Is AICI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been used for over 20 years in large online stores (e.g. Amazon). Methods and algorithms have matured enough to be used in all websites of all scales, it is not limited any more to big players.

Implementing AI in your current setup can be quite an investment though. There are several subscription-based APIs which provide AI capabilities. Beside the cost of using the API, you would need to integrate the API in your app.

This is where AICI can help you: the AICI project provides open-source AI modules for the most used CMS’s and frameworks, which reduces both setup and usage costs. With AICI you also get the additional advantage of having full control over your sensitive data: your data never leaves your servers to any 3rd party entities.

With AICI, you are only 3 steps away from empowering your app with AI:

  1. Find & install the AICI module for the CMS/framework you use.
  2. Configure the module with crucial domain knowledge.
  3. Deploy the widgets provided by the module.

We also recommend you measure the effect of deploying the module (e.g. A/B testing).

Supported Modules