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This is a sample of the projects we worked on. Each project examplifies one of the domains we used: full-stack web development, extending desktop development and engineering an office automation system.

lessonface logo
Fullstack Drupal

We backed the first release of


Lessonface is a platform for music online lessons. We used a content management system called Drupal to build the website and developed an algorithm to match teachers' and students' based on time preferences.

seznam logo
Node-Webkit, C++

We extended nw.js to notify of multimedia playback events.


We worked with to extend Node-Webkit to notify the front-end when there is a sound playing in any opened tab; including sound from Flash Player/Silverlight and other plugins. .

westmead logo
Desktop, Python

We built an office automation system for Westmead Pharmacy.

Westmead PharmacyX

Daily business operation in Westmead Pharmacy involves shipping and tracking large number of packages. We built an automation system which generates high-definition post labels and tracks shipments.

lmms logo
Open Source C++

We added a long-required feature to the popular multimedia program LMMS.

MIDI Export FeatureX

Contributing back to the open-source community, we added a new feature to the Linux Multimedia System. The feature enables the program to export composed songs in the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) format.


These are the languages, libraries and framework we had hands-on experience with. However, we can essentially develop in any language that is turing complete, if needs be.

  • Web Development

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery
  • Drupal, Joomla
  • Flask, Falcon, Node.js
  • Desktop Programming

  • C/C++, Python
  • wxWidgets, Qt
  • Other

  • SubVersion, Git
  • Linux Administration
  • MySQL, SQLite
  • InkScape, GIMP


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